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McMyAdmin Release Notes

New Features

  • BungeeCord support! Note that McMyAdmin doesn't include any way to configure the BungeeCord server from within the panel, but it is capable of updating, start/stop/restart, and console access. You can configure it by uploading your configuration file via the file manager.
  • (Enterprise Only) 'Hybrid' authentication. Attempts to authenticate using LDAP, and if that fails, try using the local login.
  • (Enterprise Only) Slot enforcement. McMyAdmin can now actively monitor the number of connections to the Minecraft server to prevent users from having more players than allowed via plugins.
  • Licence Migration - Legacy McMyAdmin licences will migrate automatically to the new licence system. For Enterprise it's fully automatic, for Professional the user is prompted to ask if they want to change their email address for the licence system.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where plugin .jars wouldn't be included in backups.
  • Fixed an issue where server-side errors were not being correctly reported to the client.
  • Fixed the link to get a Professional licence.
  • Fixed an issue where the server would not report that it has finished starting.
  • Addressed an issue that caused a NRE when writing to standard output with certain terminal types.


  • The BackupConfigExtensions setting can be given a value of '*' (without quotes) to include all files regardless of extension (except .jar files) when the option to include plugin configuration is picked for backups.
  • When using the -2 logging level (Trivial) - all MCMA-thrown exceptions are logged even if they would normally be suppressed.
  • Entering a licence key now causes the web front-end to log out so changes are visible.
  • Better warnings when a backup can't be started.
  • Console input to the server is now accepted during the "Server Starting" state (to allow for prompts from Spigot and similar)