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McMyAdmin Release Notes

New Features

  • Added a 'McMyAdmin.Instance' setting to McMyAdmin.conf - The numeric value for this setting is added to the webserver port. So Instance 4 on port 8080 would use port 8084. This is a pre-cursor to multiple server support.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed '-multi5' appearing as the proposed migration email address for users with multi5 licences.


  • Added a Security.DisableFileTransferRestrictions setting to McMyAdmin.conf - this completely disables any restrictions on the file manager if enabled. Note that the ability to upload executables hasn't been split into its own permission at this time, so anyone who can upload files can upload executables. Use at your own risk

  • Replaced the 'licence revoked' messages with 'licence invalid' message, explaining that a reactivation may be required due to a hardware/port number change.

  • Tweaked how the licence system behaves if it's unable to talk to the licence server after activation. Should reduce the frequency with which reactivations are required.

  • Support for Windows XP/Server 2003 as installation targets has been deprecated and will receive no further testing.

  • Started to remove unused code from legacy licence system.