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McMyAdmin command-line arguments.

McMyAdmin Arguments

McMyAdmin supports the following command line arguments:

  • -insane : Prevents McMyAdmin from performing a sanity check on its configuration.
  • -nostart : Don't start the Minecraft server until the user requests that it is started.
  • -configonly : Apply configuration changes as dictated by the command line arguments, but don't start McMyAdmin.
  • -nowebserver : Start McMyAdmin without its webserver component. You can start it afterwards using /reset
  • -nojavatest : Don't check the currently installed Java version.
  • -setpass NEWPASSWORD : Change the main login password to NEWPASSWORD
  • -? or -help : Show a list of command line arguments.

You may specify an alternative configuration file for McMyAdmin to load (instead of the default McMyAdmin.conf in its own directory) by simply appending it as an argument.

Updater Arguments

These arguments control MCMAs internal updater. They can be used in addition to the standard arguments listed above.

  • -updateonly : Update McMyAdmin, but do not launch it
  • -verbose : List files being unpacked instead of showing a progress bar
  • -delay (milliseconds) : Delay execution by a given number of milliseconds
  • -nonotice : Don't show the confirmation notice on new installations



McMyAdmin.exe -nostart c:\users\user000\McMyAdmin.conf


./MCMA2_Linux_x86_64 -nostart /home/user000/McMyAdmin.conf

Settings overrides

Any setting specified in the McMyAdmin.conf file can be overridden via command line arguments. They take the format of:

+key value

Where key is the field being changed (E.g. java.memory, webserver.port) and value is the accompanying value for that field.


McMyAdmin.exe -nonotice +java.memory 768

./MCMA2_Linux_x86_64 -delay 1000 +security.allowexec 1 +mcmyadmin.backuplimit 14

Overriding settings in

Note: This feature is available in McMyAdmin Enterprise only.

You can force settings in using the server.forcesetting setting in McMyAdmin. Using it on the command line works the same as any other setting:

+server.forcesetting setting:value;setting2:value2

For example:

./MCMA2_Linux_x86_64 +server.forcesetting server-port:25568;server-ip:

This would force the Minecraft server to run on port 25568 listening on IP address regardless of any changes made to

server.forcesetting is usable as a normal setting in McMyAdmin.conf, you don't have to specify it on the command line but can do if you wish.