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McMyAdmin Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Nested worlds no longer cause backups to fail.
  • Console now shows the time log messages were generated instead of the time received by the browser.

New Features

  • Permissions exporting now allows different worlds to have different default groups (where supported by the permissions plugin)
  • Automatic detection of common permissions configuration errors.
  • Automatic configuration of backups for nested worlds as appropriate.
  • Configuration option in McMyAdmin.conf to insert a delay when restarting the server.


  • The 'restart and rotate log' schedule item has been removed as it is now redundant. Any schedules containing this entry will have it replaced with a standard 'restart' event.
  • Recursion is limited by default when scanning for new worlds (default 4 levels deep)
  • A member of '*' is no longer used to denote default groups, and instead there is a dedicated 'default' setting for groups.