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McMyAdmin Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • You can now specify an empty prefix/suffix for groups.
  • Users with names beginning with a double-underscore are no longer excluded from exporting.
  • User commands are no longer ignored when they are using the scoreboard.
  • Check boxes in the web interface now show properly under Internet Explorer.
  • ForgeMod can now be automatically installed via the web interface again. Including both Beta and Recommended builds.
  • The 'Game Settings' subtab no longer shows to users who don't have permission to use it. Note that while users could previously see it, they could not use it and any attempted changes were previously being correctly ignored. This is a display issue only.
  • When logging off/on or switching user, the side tabs no longer show the previously selected tab while the contents shows the status screen.

New Features

  • Plugins can now be enabled/disabled while the server is running. Any changes will be automatically applied when the Minecraft server is restarted (does not apply if McMyAdmin is stopped before the restart occurs).
  • File manager - you can upload and download configuration files and world data via the web interface by dragging and dropping from your desktop. Note that plugins or executables cannot be transferred via the in-browser manager.
  • Options to include permissions, plugins and plugin configuration files when performing scheduled backups.


  • Scheduler timer resolution dropped from 1s to 10s. Improves CPU usage, but scheduled tasks will be on average 5 seconds before or after their scheduled time.
  • Strings in lists are no longer surrounded in single quotes when using the Group Manager exporter.
  • The filename for Feed The Beast has been changed from "FTB-Beta-A.jar" to "ftbserver.jar". Existing "FTB-Beta-A.jar" files will be automatically renamed.
  • The login users management has new permission flags for accessing the file manager (which permits downloads) and uploading files. They are disabled by default for new users.
  • Moved from Bukget API v2 to v3.

Known Issues

  • File uploads are considerably slower using Google Chrome than Firefox.
  • File uploads don't work on Internet Explorer (some of the required APIs are not available)