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McMyAdmin Settings Reference

Note that this page is currently incomplete

Listed are all of the settings available in McMyAdmin.conf, and what they are used for.

There are some settings in McMyAdmin.conf which exist, but are not currently in use. They are not documented here at this time until they start being used.



Accepted values: True, False

When true, this allows the same user to log into the same panel multiple times. By default, a given user can only be logged in from one location at the same time.


Accepted values: internal, ldap

This setting applies to McMyAdmin Enterprise only. Using a value of 'ldap' allows McMyAdmin to authenticate using an LDAP server specifed using the Security.LDAPDomain setting.


Accepted values: True, False

Setting this to 'True' allows scripts placed in the directory specified in Security.ExecPath to be executed via the scheduler. By default this is turned off.


Accepted value: Comma-delimited list (without spaces) of plugin names. Optional '-' (minus) prefix.

Any plugins specified in this list will not be permitted to run. Note that this is easily circumventable by the user by simply renaming the plugin. Using the minus prefix allows a plugin that is on the default blacklist.


Accepted values: Free-form string. Domain Name

This setting applies to McMyAdmin Enterprise only. See Security.AuthMethod for more information.



Accepted values: Integer between 1001 and 65534

Specifies the port number that McMyAdmin's internal web server will listen on.


Accepted values: Valid IP address on local machine, +

Specifies which network interface the webserver should listen on. The default value of '+' is equivalent to, which is to listen on all available interfaces.


Accepted values: Integer between 1 and 1024

Specifies how long a queue of incoming requests the webserver is allowed to handle at once. Default value is 8.


Accepted values: True, False

Whether or not to use secure HTTP (HTTPS) for the web interface. Not enabled by default.


Accepted values: Filename. Absolute or relative paths are valid.

Path to a PFX certificate storing the keypair to be used when useHTTPS is enabled.

Note: The PFX certificate must have a password set. It is not valid to use a password-less certificate.


Accepted values: Free-form string.

Password to use to read the PFX certificate specified in Webserver.CertificatePath



Accepted Values: detect, Path to java executable (relative or absolute path).

The location of the Java executable to be invoked. By default McMyAdmin will try to find Java in common installation locations. Linux users may need to use this if Java is installed in /opt/java/bin


Accepted Values: Integer.

Specifies the value to be passed to Java as the -Xmx (Maximum heap size) value. Note that the Java process as a whole may use slightly more than this amount.


Accepted Values: client, server

Specifies which Java virtual machine type to use. The 'server' type has longer loading times, but better runtime performance. The default value is 'client' (the 'server' runtime is not installed by default on most systems)

Note: This setting has no effect on 64 bit systems.


Note that use of this setting is not officially supported, and may have a negative impact on your server if used improperly.

Accepted Values: Free-form string.

Specifies any extra arguments to be passed to Java when the Minecraft server is started. Commonly used to specify a -XX:MaxPermSize argument (required by Feed The Beast and some other mods)


This is an experimental feature, and is not to be used on production servers. Use at your own risk!

Accepted Values: True, False

IKVM is an alternative Java runtime based on the .Net CLR. In certain circumstances it can have better performance and memory usage. However many plugins and mods do not work with it.


Accepted Values: Filename. Relative or absolute.

Path to the IKVM binary when using IKVM as the runtime instead of standard Java.



Accepted Values: True, False

Whether or not to account for multiple CPU cores when calculating CPU usage. True by default.

Example: On a quad-core system, If 100% of 1 core was being used, and the other 3 had 0 usage - with a value of True this would be shown as 25%. With a value of False it would be shown as 100%.


Accepted Values: True, False

If set to 'True', the Minecraft server will be restarted whenever a [SEVERE] line is written to the console. Disabled by default.


Accepted Values: Free-form string.

This value is appended to the console title when McMyAdmin is started. Useful for separating and identifying multiple instances.


Accepted Values: Integer between -2 and 6.

Default value is 3. Lower log levels show more information than higher log levels.


Accepted Values: True, False

Whether or not to add colors to console output. Enabled by default.



Accepted Values: True, False

Whether or not to announce players that have joined the server to all other players. Default is 'True'


Accepted Values: True, False

Whether or not to show the user an error if they try to use an McMyAdmin command in-game that they do not have access to. Default is 'False'.


Accepted Values: True, False

Whether or not to announce to the server that the world is about to be saved to disk. Default is 'True'


Accepted Values: True, False

Whether or not to announce to all players on the server when a player is moved or removed from a group. Default is 'False'


Accepted Values: True, False

The message to show to users who are rejected from the server due to not being on the whitelist.